Mother's Day = Not Today

She stared at the clock it was 10:30PM. Her eyes were visibly sleepy.
Before her husband could open his mouth and ask for something else, she pushed herself into the bedroom; locked it from inside; picked up her mobile and plugged in her earphone, pretending to be listening to a beautiful melody, which was in fact, the melody of silence. 58 more words

Incoherent Ruminating & Reveries

"Fart Buckets"

If the word “fart” in the title has already turned you off, no worries. I get it. But for those of you intrigued enough to read more, you are about to learn what “fart buckets” are. 635 more words


Teaching and learning.

(Warning this is a free writing exercise. As I began, I had no idea in mind just a goal of 500 words, which I met with ten words to spare.) 528 more words


Mother's Day 2014: Soon-to-be-parents!

I received the email a week or two in advance of Mother’s Day: the brunch menu Mother’s day special at our favorite restaurant in my hometown.  294 more words


Mother´s Day


This past Friday it was Mother’s Day here in Costa Rica. Even though the preparation was chaotic; it was a wonderful day. Why chaotic? Well… a lot of people wanted their custom jewels done, my little one got really sick (one of those virus you get when you are a little one) and I was participating in a fair. 65 more words


A Blue Mother’s Day

We struggled for years to get pregnant, and I used to dread Mother’s Day. Now it’s my favorite day of the year – I feel that I finally belong to a club I always wanted to be a part of. 97 more words

Mai-ism scripture is simple.

Mai-ism scripture is simple.It consists of Six words only; Mother,Love to Mother and Her Children, Universality, Service, Devotion and Self Surrender. The first word “Mother” indirectly and implicitly includes the principle or the word of spiritual co-equal status of man and woman. 619 more words