Leadership Is Celebrating the Positive

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special events. We have holidays dedicated to famous people. We have Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Pastor Appreciation Day’s. I’m in Canada writing on Thanksgiving Day in-between peeling potatoes, stuffing the turkey and preparing for our family of nineteen for dinner. 287 more words


30 March 2014 - Mother's Day...

To those who are mums & those who would love to be mums…

those who have mums nearby & those who have mums far away… 231 more words


The Best Pleasures

What could add to the enjoyment of  a cup of coffee and a good novel on a beautiful October afternoon?

Using a bookmark my oldest son made and gave to me on Mother’s Day when he was only 7 years old (he is now 31). 17 more words

dear mumma..

you are priceless. I love you for everything you have been to me and more..


In Case You Were Wondering...

Have you ever wondered how to make a liner for the inside of a card? You know, the liner you see when you buy a wedding card or a special birthday card… It is very simple for you to add one to your cards. 140 more words

Handmade Cards