name a star

name a star
Name A Star is an imaginative gift where you can Buy A Star Online and name it for a person you care about. 11 more words

"Letter to My Mom and My Daughter"

As a child, I rarely had the privilege of being taken care of full time by my mother. As a second child and ‘less expected child’, I was mostly taken care of by a nanny and was often left at home. 517 more words


Soap opera

I did it again: I washed a kleenex.

My to-do list for today, the one-week mark before Christmas Eve, stretches from here to Jupiter. Do I really have time to stand there picking kleenex molecules off socks? 250 more words


Have you called your mother today? Day 7 of 152

It’s not only about calling your mother every day.  It’s not about the call.  It’s about being a daughter. A mother. A sister. A friend. A woman. 61 more words

Jennifer Poss Taylor