Mother, How Are You Today?

Entah kenapa, beberapa hari terakhir ini aku selalu teringat dengan sosok Mama yang jauh di sana. Beliau tinggal di pulau berbeda denganku yang tentunya juga berbeda provinsi. 564 more words

A Mother's Love 4

As the days passed by, Elizabeth continued to intimidate and insult Olivia. She was angry for no reason at all.

“What is she doing here?” Elizabeth asked. 992 more words


Summer-Time Happiness

It has been a busy summer full of color, weddings, parties, and fun, but the consensus (as is always the case with summer) is that it was too short. 27 more words

Archive Of Events

“Thou Shalt Not” by Shari Courter

This story appears in the newly released “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Home Improvement.” Purchase this book from your favorite retailer or at Amazon: http://amzn.to/Hm66pb

Several years ago, my husband bought me a weed-whacker for Mother’s Day. 829 more words



This post is about the classic Scripture, Proverbs 31, and asks the daunting question, “Who can find a virtuous woman?”

If you’re a woman, wanting to be good and righteous, the qualities of such a woman can be downright scary. 485 more words


My Mother, Myself ~A Mid-30's Discovery

I started seeing a very familiar face in the mirror when I hit my mid-thirties, but it wasn’t me.

I’ve always looked like my mom- she could never deny either my brother or I as her children (though I can think of plenty of times I’d bet she’d wished she could have!), but I began to really recognize her when I looked at myself. 166 more words