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When My Sister Became a Mother (Too)

My first memory ever is encompassed by the arrival of my little sister. I will never forget visiting my mother at the hospital soon after she emerged from the womb. 1,043 more words

Let's Get Honest

Here I go....my intro....at best

So I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Is this working?  Will this work?  Will any of this be helpful?  Do I care?  Do I care too much?   1,354 more words

Unbearable In-Betweeness

This is the summer between high school and college. There is an awareness of my child actually being a legal adult since turning 18 in May. 977 more words


A Tale of Two Wolfies

Ah, a girl and her stuffed animals. There is an unspoken bond there, something we know about but don’t acknowledge. It is just a simple underlying love that the little girl in all of us possesses. 1,381 more words


The Role of Wives & Mothers in Building a Kingdom-Driven Family

This presentation was delivered on June 14, 2014 during the Chalcedon Foundation’s Law & Liberty Tour event in Campbell, CA.

You can download an mp3 version here:


How To: Do marriage great.

The best way to do marriage is the following:

1. – Know how to say Yes.

2. – Have a uterus.

And it is that easy.

123 marriage is easy.


Brothers we may be

Till death do us apart

Brothers we may be

O the anguish you have caused me


In its most primitive state

The loss I’ve felt… 69 more words