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Circles: A Stream of Consiousness Saturday Post on Shape

“Look with care for the shape of a square.” That children’s song from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has been in my head all these years. 575 more words

Earth And Nature

Collector Ponies- Cotton Candy

I believe it’s time to start posting some pictures of my beautiful My Little Ponies. Let’s start with my very first pony, Cotton Candy, from 1982. 161 more words

Mint Condition

the mothership is coming.

this earth is a tricky place to call home, and it isn’t unusual for me to feel like I’m being called from faraway places, some parallel universe where hurting doesn’t hurt so much and the fear doesn’t shut this heart down. 362 more words

This Is How We Grow.

My Lady Lightship

(originally posted June 5th)

Last week sometime, I decided I wanted to connect to a being that I hadn’t consciously communicated with before. I chose to connect with a Mothership that is also a Lightship. 1,018 more words

Review: SKRILLEX at Marquee

This past Thursday, September 4th, the line outside Marquee New York was especially long. Inside, the crowded dance floor buzzed with anticipation for what everyone knew would be a very rare night. 434 more words