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Capturing Sessions

Session 1:

Range of Motion

Black Character Capture -Kevin:

Blue Character Capture -Angela:

Session 2:

 Crystal Character Capture – Erin:

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ARTICLE: VR-Assisted Physical Rehabilitation: Adapting to the Needs of Therapists and Patients - Full Text

…Virtual Reality technologies are slated to transform the practice
of physical rehabilitation and the potential benefits have only started
to be explored. We present in this paper a direct motion demonstration… 114 more words


"An Evening with Primrose" Research Week 2

We were back at the National Theatre Studios this summer for a second week of research and development for a new theatre piece “An Evening with Primrose”, looking at generating sound and control data from the blooming of an evening primrose flower in real time. 261 more words


10-year-old "Sweetie" catches 1,000 child sex predators - here's how.

I won’t write about how technology is amazing, because it’s common knowledge that it already is. I’m really just bookmarking this video, but here’s the tube review. 106 more words

YouTube Surfing

T bone

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3D Knitting

How to fix .bvh files in Blender to easily animate your rigged character. Retarget .bvh to rigify.

How to fix .bvh files in Blender to easily animate your rigged character and export to Unity3D as a spritesheet for a 2D themed platformer-style game. 38 more words


Ray Carsillo Interviews Assassin's Creed Unity Lead Actor Dan Jeannotte

Ray Carsillo inteviews Dan Jeannotte at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The talented actor behind the on-screen face and voice of Assassin’s Creed Unity’s lead character reveals what goes into playing a digital role and the challenges faced in bringing Arno Dorian to life.

Ray Carsillo