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Motion Capture II

Years of technological development resulted with many methods for recording human body’s movements. Those methods mostly can be categorized into five groups, mechanical systems, magnetic systems, acoustic systems, optical systems, and inertial systems. 490 more words


Motion Capture & VR

I was doing some research for my ETC semester project which involves a motion capture when i came across the two projects I am going to discus. 350 more words

Getting Started

I’ve created this new blog as a site for weekly sharing on process and products during this semester’s ACCAD 7893 Interdisciplinary Creative Research Studio. The students and I will post reflections each week and updates on progress. 7 more words


Hackaday Links: January 11, 2015

Listening tests reveal significant sound quality differences between various digital music storage technologies. Finally the audiophile press is tackling the important questions. This listening test looks at the difference between two four-bay NAS boxes, with one making the piano on… 294 more words


Is this the solution to the Uncanny Valley?

Movies and games with a lot of CGI sometimes face an issue called ‘the uncanny valley’. This phenomenon occurs when people see realistic cgi characters, but are not comfortable with it because they ‘sense’ that it are not real humans. 97 more words


Motion Capture I

Motion Capture (mocap) is sampling and recording motion of humans, animals, and inanimate objects as 3D data for immediate or delayed analysis and playback. The Idea of capturing human motion could be born from rotoscoping method. 411 more words


Iron Jim on Avatar

“It’s fine to say, ‘Hey, we did all this unprecedented stuff’, but you have to be willing to go through the painful steps of creating those things and going from an idea to a prototype to a production-ready toolset in a very, very rapid timeframe.” – James Cameron.

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