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Stressful times

Signing up for classes at my college is probably the most stressful part of my life. It’s difficult enough to balance going to school and going to work every week while I fight to find time for my homework. 301 more words

Hello everyone.

This is a very super serious plea for you to bribe me with nice things so that I get this essay done.

I am 1642 words in, with 1358 words to go. 77 more words



i haven’t slept in weeks
i haven’t cried since morning
surrounded by antiques
forget to be as boring
forget to not behave
according to a standard… 39 more words


March 14th

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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: success usually comes after a whole string of failures. Which can make that moment so much sweeter! 155 more words

A Hopeful Ukrainian

A physical war is undeniably a horrifying event. Often, it doesn’t seem real until we are in the midst of it, until pain and suffering that it brings to our bodies and our minds are vivid and actual. 291 more words


I feel like a Ball of Tape

Every once in a while I feel like a ball of Tape. This was a picture taken at the DMG gallery at UTSC. I felt this ball of tape described my emotions pretty damn well. 68 more words

Power On

The Olympics are over and while the athletes are always the BEST part, sometimes a great commercial airs that really sticks with me.

This year was no exception. 29 more words

General BS