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Daily motivation (25 photos)

Hey Berries! How do you stay motivated? Click SUBMIT or mail your pics to theberrysubmitgmailcom. 9 more words


Merry Mondays: Go Take Care Of Your Body!

“A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest.”  It’s purely science. Keeping our body and mind active is imperative for maintaining the highest quality of life. 153 more words


A Fertile Mind

As I have journeyed through the study of the mind, I noticed that as we age, we become aware of the unsupportive programming in our minds. 259 more words

Self Hypnosis

The 90-Day Splooge

Staying up late isn’t all that great as it used to be. Staying up late for a purpose is nice to do, but if I’m just lounging around, there’s really no reason why I should be up. 1,512 more words

Five Major Tips On Running A Home Based Business

Many great things are achievable in the entrepreneurs style of living. One of those great things consists of freedom, to be able to work your heart out for the results that will reflect your work. 475 more words


Quote of the day on Perfection

Perfection is shallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting.

-Anne Lamott


The Value of Work

I have said enough about my experiences but I was never specific about my lessons in life. At times when my mother tried to teach me something I would simply think ‘she hates me.’ Just like any other child I did my house chores even though it was a little hard then but I learnt to do my share of the job and finish. 610 more words