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My power

Writing used to be my strength, my comfort. A place I could always come to and feel at home and at peace. But now I question how much I truly need this outlet. 246 more words


I Need Some Courage

I am the verbal punching bad around my house. I am the target and if something is bothering someone I am the only that it get’s taken out on. 389 more words


Self worth

It’s become apparent to me lately that forgetting your own self worth is very easily done. Sometimes, we get into those states of mind where we loathe ourselves, we look at ourselves in the mirror and question why we even bother. 449 more words

Excuses, excuses

Sometimes I blarg about what’s going on in my life, sometimes I find a topic somewhere that I like, and oftentimes on Saturdays I take the topic from Linda G Hill’s site for a stream-of-consciousness post that I type without second-guessing myself. 524 more words


Nano Fiction: Shattered

The Ontario Writers Conference hosts a monthly blog called Story Starters. It’s 100 words or less and is reflective of the posted artwork. I label 300 words or less as Nano Fiction. 120 more words