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Cobaan di Sabtu Sore ㅠㅠ | Patient

Hari sabtu kemaren.. gue yakin gue nyaris ngelempar laptop gue ke luar jendela ._.
Serius! gue kesel banget pas itu ><
Jadi ceritanya gue lagi nge-chek blogger gue yang udah terbengkalai hampir satu bulan ini \hiks\ trus gue ngeliat template gue yang gue edit dari setahun lalu. 463 more words

Get it Done or Not At All!

I am NOW reminded that I need to DO this! Enough talk!

I am happy and proud of family and friends in social media and in real life who are continuing to pursue and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  306 more words

Health And Wellness

I will always try to be Ugly...

This morning, I came across a link that was shared by one of my facebook friend. At first, I was a bit hesitant to open what is it about, I’m not willing to read something stinky (so unpleasant smell by just looking at it) before breakfast. 791 more words


No one warned me!

Today 2 Corinthians 10:5 ran through my head “…and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

No one warned me as to how much of a fight it would be to keep my mind pure from the thoughts that once hunted me throughout my entire life. 563 more words

Always Anger

Spoken word :)

Untitled –> i’m working on it :))

Pain, heart break, betrayal. Failure, disappointment, inadequacy. These are the lies that were being fed to me for breakfast lunch and dinner as I watched my life be played out like breaking news on channel 13. 638 more words

"When was the Last Time You Hired an Idiot?"

Your employees sing in the car; you’ve seen them do it, music blasting, they seem so alive, so energetic! But why aren’t they singing at work? 244 more words