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Make The Best of What You Have

Make The Best of What You Have

The sayings that “humans don’t appreciate what we have till we loose it” and “a man that fails to appreciate the things he has, is soon forced by time to appreciate the things he once had”, made more sense to me the day i met a young boy on the street of Lagos. 700 more words



In the midst of crossroads, how would you know which path to take? When you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff, would you rather hold on or would it bring reprieve to let go? 89 more words


How Do You Cope?

I decided to go back to therapy. I was seeing a therapist last year to work through my childhood issues that I felt were plaguing my relationships with men. 270 more words


Are You Cultivating Your Intangibles?

If you are looking to land your dream job, you better bring out all of your ammunition. It is no longer satisfactory to have just a great education on your resume. 384 more words


Sun Yaar... Chill Maar..

Have you ever said to someone, “you’re making this too complicated”? If so, you have made a mistake. What you actually meant is “you haven’t made this simple enough.” The point is that complication is the natural state. 85 more words


Have You Had Your Moment of Truth?

Everyone regardless of their station or circumstances in life has a moment or moments of truth. These are the times when we are placed in a situation that makes us take a good hard look at what is not working in our lives.Some times when this moment presents itself, it can be feel as though our stomach is sinking.   284 more words