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Motivational Minute - Make a Plan

Learn how to make a plan to make your goals happen! You are given step by step instructions on how to set up a plan to make your goals and dreams a reality. 20 more words

Pet, Elderly, and Baby Care Tips For The Summer

The summer months can be brutal on many of us. There are laws that say we must use caution with our children and elderly; especially when we leave them in the car. 390 more words

Motivational Minute

National HIV Testing Day Campaigns In Your Area...

Today is National HIV Testing Day. It’s a day that recognizes the importance of HIV/AIDS testing and our communities knowing their status (positive/negative). It’s not the most comfortable moment in your life (waiting for your results) but all jokes aside, it becomes the closes you’ll ever get to JESUS in your life! 101 more words

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Summer Camp Starts In A Few Weeks...Don't Cry....(Tips For Parents)

My son is a little too big for me to be sending him off to summer camp but if you’re still holding on to that umbilical cord and preparing them for summer camp, I found some tips that might help YOU (the parent) when it’s time to send them off. 148 more words

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Tryna Be More Natural? The Struggle Is Real! [Tips]

Once again, I’m going natural! I’m not trying to start a movement. I just want to free myself from heat and chemicals for a while. 154 more words

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What Maya Means To Me....

I’ve never been one to write poetry but I’m a strong supporter of the art. It’s truly an art that should be respected and appreciated. A poem is an unspoken form of language that can only make sense to those whose hearts are open to receive it. 257 more words

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Decorated Vets Decorate Our Baltimore Streets Because They're Homeless

We pass them on the overpass. We judge them and ask how they got that way. Then we feel sorry for them and vow to never make those same decisions. 419 more words

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