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If Quotes from True Detective Were Motivational Posters

Rust Cohle, the dyspeptic protagonist of HBO’s True Detective, made both nihilism and logorrhea cool again in 2014, as a great episode of Radiolab recently made clear.   35 more words


Music Fundamentals are Mentally Fun

Make Practicing Scales and Fundamentals Fun!

Yes, fun! You heard me, learning music theory can be fun, if the teacher can relate to the student and has the creativity and a sense of humor even the most boring of rout scales can enjoyable. 223 more words



A part of me felt the need to steer away from politics and alternative ways of thinking after my degree oddly made me feel unqualified to talk about it. 250 more words


Great Picture, One Premise Problem

I love my mom but somehow I’m still getting mixed messages from her. When I explain to her that I’m mentally a girl and have always been, how some Dutch scientists have done autopsies on transsexual girls and seen that these folks actually had female brain structures etc. 213 more words

Motivational Posters

Simon Sinek Quote.

Sinek, S. (2009). Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. New York: Portfolio.


Two marketers walk into a bar and laugh at motivational posters...

Those two marketers couldn’t help but laugh along with Despair’s real take on motivational posters. More of these should be posted on LinkedIn to replace some of the mind-numbing drivel that gets dumped there.



Attitude is Everything

If you want to succeed in the music business or any business for that matter, make sure that you develop a positive; helpful; flexible and friendly attitude. 327 more words