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Jim Rohn - You Must DREAM!

The Dreamers

A toast! To Jim Rohn and the Dreamers! For it is the Dreamers, not the ones who hope that life will throw them a bone, but the ones that plan in out and stick to it through the tough times, that will shape their lives into the reality they envision. 200 more words


Keys to Success: Do it Differently

Be Different

I want you to look at your life, just reflect on your daily routine. Think about where you work, who you hang out with, what you eat, what shows do you watch, what time do you wake up, what time do you go to sleep, what kind of exercise do you do, what do you spend your money on, what are your hobbies……..do you have it fixed in your mind now? 696 more words


Do you have an inspiring dream?

Do you have an inspiring dream?

It seems that most people long to have a purposeful and passionate life.  Martin Luther King provided us with an exceptional example of someone who used an inspiring dream to satisfy his longing for purpose and passion.     553 more words

Business Speakers

Greg Plitt - Public Appearance Motivation

Get Strong!

You don’t have to be famous, you don’t have to be know around the world, people don’t need to be tweeting your name a daily bases, but you do need to be a version of yourself that you can and will be proud of. 269 more words


Keys to Success: Be Your Own Critique


The only opinion that matters is yours because in the end, you will only adhere to what you believe. Even if your actions are influenced by those around you, even if someone told you directly to do something and you followed those instructions, even if you completely disagree with anothers views but you still listen to them because of some sort of FEAR, you still are the only one capable of making the decision to adhere or to not. 564 more words



before I took a step

before I made a move

it never existed

I never knew

The day I stopped being afraid

And stood up to procrastination… 108 more words

Motivation For Perspective

Growing: Bite Off What You Can Chew

When I was younger, I was a fanatic for the Barney Show. I knew what time the show came on, the characters’s names and even the names of the kids on the show. 465 more words

Motivation For Perspective