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Keys to Success: Twice the Work and Twice the Smarts

Work Harder and Smarter

A lot of people are looking for that one secret that will put them in the category of successful people. We all want to know what can we do today, that which will make all of our dreams come true. 830 more words


Keys to Success: Find Pain

Find Pain

“We Have to stop looking at pain as if it is something negative”

Eric Thomas

Wise words from a man who has been sculpted from the irons of pain.

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Greg Plitt - The Protector of the Earth

Pick who you want to be and BE IT!

Maybe you know who you want to be, maybe you don’t. I believe that most people know exactly what they want to do and who they want to become. 188 more words


Keys to Success: Apply What You Learn


It does us no good to read hundreds of books, go to dozens of seminars, and complete hours of research if we are not planning on applying the collected information. 619 more words



Make a Decision

Joshua Bayless is not a particularly special man, but he was placed in a Special Ed class. This is where he was to stay and finish a school years if it weren’t for the day he made a decision! 184 more words


Believe In Your Victory ft. Eric Thomas

You Can Have Anything

The world is yours, or maybe just what you have in your possession is yours. But if you believe the world is in your possession, then the world must be yours. 204 more words


Zig Ziglar - True Performance

Lasting Motivation

“All motivation is self-motivation” thats what the skeptics say. And I agree that longterm, only you can motivate yourself. But even though a fire will continue to burn with the proper fuel to feed on, every once in a while it will simmer down and with a lil poke at the wood a vacuum will be created and a ripping roaring fire will re-emerge from the the depths of impending darkness. 149 more words