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Motivational Tip: enjoy every moment

Saying life is short is definitely a cliché, but it really is very short. Do we want to spend this short life that was granted to us, complaining, being bitter and resentful, angry and unkind to others and ourselves? 507 more words


5 Tips To Get You Motivated To Hit The Gym

Let’s face it, you aren’t always going to be motivated to work out. And no matter what level you are at, this isn’t something that you can change. 433 more words

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Tips to be motivated

Sometimes you have a mood or creativity blockage or writers block and you need that extra push to make something happen. Here are some tips that will help motivate you. 358 more words

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5 More Ways for a Lazy Person to Get Motivated

Hey guys!

Hopefully you read my post last week titled, 5 Ways for a Lazy Person to Get Motivated. Well, here are five MORE ways. Cool, huh? 589 more words


Stop Comparing Your Beginning to Someone Else's Middle

Have you ever found yourself comparing yourself, or even envying other people’s success? In this video, I’m sharing why you need to stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle, and enjoy your own journey to success! 64 more words

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