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Day 212: Throw a Large Net!

July 31 – Day 212: Throw a large net! I saw this big shadow thrown from a small ladder & I thought about throwing a large net to gather what you want from your future. 122 more words


Message For the Day..." Education sans Moral Values and Spiritual Insight is of of No Use .."

The number of students in schools and colleges has increased very significantly. Formal education, which was for long the privilege of a few scholars and the sons of the rich, is now at the very doors of everyone. 120 more words


Always Be Positive In Life! Every Problem Has A Solution. No Lock Is Made Without Key. Even If You Lost The Key, Stay Cool & Search For The Key Maker ;)

- Nics (NitikaS/ Neha)


Keys to Success: Get Ready

Get Ready

One of the most influential statements I live by that has greatly contributed to my success in life;

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready…

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Every Day We Are Born Anew with the Sun with Magic In Our Hands

For Miss Katy who does a beautiful and artful blog called The Motherapi Shoppe on WordPress.com.

In response to her having a birthday on July 22, 2014 I wrote her this birthday haiku that illustrates that every day is a birthday and a chance for new explorations and insights. 33 more words


Late night read for inspiration.

Hi world,

It’s bin a while but you guys have a lot to catch up on.

Having just completed Ramadan I am more focused than ever. 228 more words