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digging deep... Couch-5km, Week 4 Day 1

YES!!! I did it!  After hitting a bit of a ‘wobbly’ after a bad workout day I think I totally lost all my confidence.  Not being an experienced ‘runner’ (hell, only 3 weeks under the belt now) I thought “that is it I am NEVER going to be a runner” – “I can’t do this” – “panic”… 552 more words


Quote of the day (23rd July, 2014)

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” ― Lou Holtz

Daily Inspiration

The Surprising Truth About Motivating Employees

When it comes to getting stubborn donkeys to carry heavy loads, more carrots is always better–the more treats you can tempt an animal with the more likely it is that the animal will do what you ask. 423 more words


Tales of Insomnia

As I am writing this, I am not only finding it hard to keep my eyes open, I am also feeling mildly dizzy. Every glance from keyboard to screen sets my head spinning like an off-kilter top. 415 more words


Keys to Success: Do it Differently

Be Different

I want you to look at your life, just reflect on your daily routine. Think about where you work, who you hang out with, what you eat, what shows do you watch, what time do you wake up, what time do you go to sleep, what kind of exercise do you do, what do you spend your money on, what are your hobbies……..do you have it fixed in your mind now? 696 more words