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Make Way For Me

Enough of sadness

Those moments of madness

I am not gonna sit idle now

For I know what to handle & how

No, I can’t afford this delay anymore… 46 more words

Everyday we have a choice..

Our thoughts create reality, maintain a higher frequency and focus on the positive. We’ve got to understand the past so we can move forward in a new direction. 22 more words

Mile run, you can do it too!

My boyfriend pushed me into running, I do it regularly now. There are moments when I hate it, most of the time I dread the thought of it. 77 more words

Burn It Up All Night

I’ve come to understand that even the best intentions, carefully thought out plans, greatest of ambitions are indicators to the level of struggle rather than the motivational force to overcome said struggle. 140 more words

With Her In Mind

NaPoWriMo - Poem / Poetry - "Stone Cold Devotion"

I’m never going to dance again
My feet have got no rhythm
That’s what happens when you have to get up at 4am
Thankfully for me that is not often! 293 more words