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Happy Labor Day!!!

U.G.L.Y. wants to wish everyone a happy labor day. Each person whom works to make the industries of any kind produce is utterly important. No matter, if you use your hand or brain, both are necessary to keep America strong and thriving. 67 more words


And on the 15th Day We Rested

Better late than never. Yesterday was the first time in two weeks I missed writing, and I hope I can be forgiven, because I feel like my excuse was valid. 486 more words


Is There A Sunshine Trapped In Your Heart?


Tell me what’s the big deal about to be loved by numbers, and loosing the life’s wonder?

Revealing your deepest desires

The true spirituality starts when we let our personal sunshine glows out of the world. 233 more words


Why The Waiting Is So Hard?


It’s time to be open minded and look in out to discover the inner teachings behind our problems.

One of it is the Waiting. Aka, Hope. 226 more words


Stand Up For What You Believe

One of the best way to make sure that you’re living your dreams is stand up for what you believe.

You’ll never see your free will as something random, but it will become the most important thing in your daily life. 219 more words


What Are Your Regrets?


We shouldn’t be overwhelmed by our past experiences, instead of this, we must embrace our fails because it part of us.

I’ll show you why each of our regrets are keeping us back. 217 more words


Labor Day!

Did you know that this day is actually meant to celebrate all of the achievements both social and economic that workers have made? Me either! I just thought it was a day of rest for those of us who LABOR long hours. 274 more words