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The power of death! (2nd part)

Death, the thirsty god, active every minute, that a lively being seen this moment is gone the next. With the life and soul sucked out, the blood freezes at the instant, the heart follows suit, and the brain finally gives up its last piece of sanity. 385 more words


The Power of Death! (1st part)

Death, the god of blood who daily accepts the sacrifice of life, is a sting every man must bear regardless of hair or skin colour, a bitter tonic everyone must drink, a pill every human must swallow mindless of health. 377 more words


The Great Crossover 1

Except for royalty and a few other people, most of us are born into financial slavery. i.e we have to work for money. But that is not so much of the problem. 688 more words


I Think I Am Missing The Fitness Enthusiasm Gene

I first joined a gym at the tender age of 19. It was the Tuggeranong Leagues Club gym and with misguided belief that this was going to be fun, my friends and I finished our pre workout cigarette and entered our first class. 662 more words


How to handle lots of work through multitasking


In a world where we all have targets to reach and goals to attain, it is common sight to find one person with lots of things to do. 520 more words


My new month article - December

Welcome to December
It is the last month of the twelve month year.
It is the month immediately after November.
This is a month I call the month of “Analytical Assessment and Strategic Planning.” 268 more words


Motivation Monday: Get Travelling

Getting motivated can be trying at times. It’s also that time of year when many are starting to wind down and reflect on the year gone by.  74 more words