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Motivation Monday: How One Doctor Took On The World In One Month

Last week, I stumbled upon a blog post featured on Straight On Detour about a Melbourne-based doctor who ticked off one of the most unique items on his travel bucket list. 148 more words


13 Interesting Facts About Google That You May Not Know

There are more than half of world have never heard about Google, but you are one of the rest of the people who use google but these facts might be surprise pack even for you. 339 more words


5 Takeaways From 2014

Happy New Year people of Hope.

2014 in one word = Responsibility. Far from marriage, it was a roller-coaster call of duty from air/highway travels to hands-on Agriculture & business executive to Govt MDA’s partnership & Public speaking. 1,051 more words


Blogging 101: Dearest bucket list.....Signed, the person who will kick you

Today’s WordPress Blogging 101: Write To Your Dream Reader topic is quite interesting and it definitely got my blogging brain thinking. Who is my dream reader? 36 more words


22 Proven Ways That'll Have You Planning and Packing For Your Next Trip

There are so many online AND offline resources where you can find inspiration for your next travel destination. I’d like to share a few of the ones that have always worked well for me in the past. 975 more words


Kick Off 2015 With These 20 New Years Resolution Ideas - Or Revisit Your Old List

Do you always make New Years Resolutions? Do you always keep them? Or are you planning on writing a list? If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to all of the above, then this post is dedicated to you. 402 more words


Hello, someone has written down these beautiful words. Please read and try and understand the deeper meanings of them.

1. Prayer is not a spare wheel which you pull out in time of trouble, it is the steering wheel that directs our path in the right direction. 111 more words