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God Is Always Whistling

Someone asked a man, Do you think the biggest problem in the world is ignorance or apathy? The man replied, I don’t know and I don’t care.

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You should be your best support, but remember that there are going to be others around you who are cheering you on too.”


What They Will Never Tell You About WAITING TILL WEDDING NIGHT

There is something I’ve got to muster up some courage here to say now, that I don’t quite know how to say, so you boys just grant your old Mama grace as she stumbles through this, something I sure wish someone had sat down and told me. 554 more words


“If you fall off the Low-Carb Wagon, don’t panic. You can always climb back on, but you’ve got to do the heavy lifting. Don’t expect anyone to do it for you.”


Big Things

“Big Things have Small Beginings,” is all written inside The Universe card already, but thought I would just have some fun with it.


How to Become a Happier Person.


How to Become a Happier Person


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Life can get you down for a host of reasons, but it only becomes something you have to address if you have been discontent for a long time. 685 more words


Black Girls Don't Cry!

“Depression in Black women is more common than many people realize. The old adage of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired” is quite relevant for these women, since they often suffer from persistent, untreated physical and emotional symptoms.

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