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May the volunteering force be with you

Volunteering has always been a passion of mine and throughout my life I have always tried to do some form of volunteer work, whether that be donating my time, skills, clothes, blankets etc. 574 more words


Caution! Motivation and Inspiration ahead! :)

In my previous employment I worked as a Manager and I always liked to start the week with sending my team a motivational or inspirational quote…well at least I tried for it to be motivational or inspirational! 194 more words


The Only Friend In The World

Good Friends are a tough thing to come by… And, (geez) it sure makes me CRAAAZY! Well, at least I know I can always count on my imaginary friend when I need someone to talk to or when I feel VERY VERY lonely. 46 more words

Self-Help Talk

Third week of Ramadan!

Hi and Salam waaleykom!

So right now i’m sweating more than ever, it is extremely warm here in Morocco and while i’m writing this all mosque’s are shouting out the adhaan since it is time for Asr. 278 more words


Alls Bad that Ended Well! :)

Almost have to stay another night in KL because arrived at the Coach office and was told that they do not have my booking!!! Worst, the only coach that departs there for Singapore at 4pm was fully booked without a seat for me!! 1,018 more words


Limiting Belief

What is stopping you from achieving your dreams in life? Are you allowing your limiting belief hold you back from fulfilling your dreams/goals?
Do you constantly tell yourself that you are hopeless, you are a failure, you are not good enough, you can never be rich, be successful in life? 800 more words