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Motivation & Experience

Gaining new power and abilities through accumulating experience points and raising in level is perhaps the oldest form of motivation and meaningful progress evident in roleplaying games. 571 more words

Campaign Design

I don't want to do it.

“Can you ask direction from someone?”,

         “There will a talk being held tomorrow,can you become the speaker?,

               ”Can you help me?”

NO.That’s the answer for all of the questions.Despite knowing it can benefit us,we still… 212 more words


Be proud when you fail as it helps you to be successful.


Good morning!!!

Good morning and hello to everyone.It’s a nice day today right?

If yes,you are ready for having work and study.But,if NOT,there something wrong with you. 91 more words


Let's Move On

Our life are unpredictable.There ups and down in our life.Dark past and uncertainty future.But even so,we still strive on our life.

It is because our life are precious as they only once. 155 more words


CtR PreGen Character Sheets

I will be running some local one-shot games using the FFG Star Wars at some local cons and MeetUps in the coming weeks. Naturally, I went with what I am excited and passionate about at the moment and put together a quick little adventure related to my  369 more words

Gaming Aids

C is for Crime & Punishment

The Galactic Empire rules its subjects through uncompromising laws. Frequently, your player characters will encounter, or become, special Imperial citizens that have been accused of a heinous crime. 321 more words

Random Tables