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Video: Fly Fishing Travel to Africa for Bass in GEOBASS: Botswana

Costa has posted the newest GEOBASS adventure, and this one (as usual) is (to use an overused but appropriate word) epic.

From Costa:

“See more at… 89 more words


The Profile of a Mass Murder

The FBI breaks this tragic event into four categories; Genocide, serial, spree and mass murder. Genocide is the destruction of numerous individuals for religious, personal, political, or ethnic beliefs. 762 more words


'Motive' Recap and Review: 'Kiss of Death'

You know what I love? My friends showing up on shows that I love. That’s what happened with this week’s Motive, where my pal… 69 more words


Creating The Perfect Murderer

Death is a reality that surpasses the real world and becomes incarnate in some of the best books and stories out there. Whether we want to admit it or not, murderous characters are a phenomenon that extends throughout every genre of writing in order to spice up the story and add a healthy dose of intrigue to your plot. 826 more words

Entertaining Thoughts


Chapter Two

Natalie was having a rotten day. She wasn’t accepted in the interview for a job, her laptop broke and she was late with rent for two days. 781 more words


Motive pentru care uneori devin antisocial, bolnav etc

Nesimțirea, prostia, tupeul meltenesc, birocrația exagerată, ipocrizia, copiii îndobitociți și cretinizați, care visează doar sânge, capete sparte, iphone-uri și alte prostii, știrile de la ora 5, mass-media în general, pițipoancele, cocalarii, semidocții (mai ales dacă sunt și insolenți…), cozile, aglomerația, jungla din mijloacele de transport în comun, barbaria gândurilor “umanilor”, paradoxurile sociale, mulțimile strânse să susțină o cauză care le este indusă forțat, cauză pe care în realitate nimeni din mulțime nu o cunoaște, adolescenții, care cică sunt viitorul țării (mi-e frică de viitor, sincer), indiferența, prejudecățile, … , +infinit

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What's Your Motive?

The word motive often brings to mind police-related/superhero-related TV shows where the good guys are trying to figure out why the bad guys are doing what they do. 1,712 more words