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Do I need a motive for everything?

Had my parents over for 2 days and everything was questioned.

Internet Pics

A Villain is (Usually) the Hero of His Own Story

Why is a videogame like that such an exciting idea? Really, why does that merit a Stephen Colbert meme? I want you to think about that question, not just read it, assume it’s rhetorical, and move on to the rest of the article. 2,081 more words


30 Songs of My Life (No. 3 - This is the Moment from the musical Jekyll & Hyde

Love this song ! Listening to this song always perk me up when I’m down and lazy. I don’t know if its the lyrics, or the fact, that I can relate to Jekyll and Hyde in real life. 288 more words

30 Songs Of My Life

Ventilation#1 - Matter of motive

As recent weeks have greeted the plentiful emergence of undesirable negative streams of thought and feeling, which, though it could be attributed to the annoyance brought about by those who are irresistibly labelled by frustration and loss of control as nuisances, have been so overwhelming to such an extent that systematic course of actions and flow of thought ¬†and eventually way of speech have been severely disrupted and no longer steered by own volition, it’s time to start emptying, or venting, or negativity vomiting, and getting organized. 61 more words

All things truly wicked start from innocence.

Ernest Hemingway