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The OOV - Fabulous or familiar?

I love gadgets! New, innovative, groovy – I feel special when I have a new toy to play with. I justify my pleasure by saying “Oh it saves me SO much time”, or “I can do SO much more” – but really, it’s the wow factor that gets me every time. 1,605 more words

Therapeutic Approaches

I2C DC Motor control on the STM32F4-Discovery Using MikroC for ARM.

There are countless DC motor controllers out there, for every interface, power requirements and various perks like automatic Voltage regulation etc.. I happen to have access to a Devantech MD23 card which I’ve used to drive an ‘autonomous’ differential drive robot on an Arduino.   84 more words


ARTICLE: Timing of motor cortical stimulation during planar robotic training differentially impacts neuroplasticity in older adults - Full Text


- Altering the timing of stimulation during a reaching intervention changes the direction and extent of plasticity

- Non-invasive brain stimulation may be a catalyst to promote plasticity in older adults. 41 more words


A REVIEW: Electrifying the motor engram: effects of tDCS on motor learning and control

…In this review, we summarize the effects of tDCS on neural activity and suggest a few key principles: 1) firing rates are
increased by anodal polarization and decreased by cathodal polarization, 2) anodal polarization strengthens newly formed associations, and 3) polarization modulates the memory of new/preferred firing patterns. 22 more words