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4 Types of Exercises to Fix Pulling Mechanics.

Getting the pull right in the snatch or the clean is one of the most important things to achieve a good performance in weightlifting. More importantly, being able to perform a good pull with a decent amount of weight will give you the best chance possible of lifting heavy weights with good technique and subsequently efficiency. 1,013 more words


What are you teaching? Balance?: Motor Control Series

Ah yes, time to go to the parallel bars and do some balance training.  As we all know, because we are super nerds, Balance is made up of a few major sensory components.   403 more words

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Clinical Practice Algorithm: Motor Control Series

More of this Motor Control business.  See the previous Background and Learning post to get caught up.

“Science is built up of facts, as a house is built of stone; but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house.”-Jules Henri Poincare… 542 more words

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Workshop talk - Methods for scaling neural computation

A couple of months ago I gave a talk at the Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements (NICE) workshop, about the use of cortical microcircuits for adaptation in the prediction and control problems. 94 more words

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Background and Learning: Motor Control Series

Working the late-shift at the Nerdery- more research based musings…

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What is the difference between cancer and whiplash?

What is the difference between cancer and whiplash?

I have been loitering lots in doctors’ surgeries in the last few weeks taking a loved one on the rounds for assessment and treatment post cancer diagnosis. 573 more words

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Turntable: state at the end of the workshop

This is the last state of the Turning disk, at the end of the workshop.

Initially the intention was to explore soundwise a specific kind of circular movement: steel surfaces spinning one on the other, in the form of a kind of ball bearings, say with balls who allow the spinning, but without a central axis. 448 more words