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I2C DC Motor control on the STM32F4-Discovery Using MikroC for ARM.

There are countless DC motor controllers out there, for every interface, power requirements and various perks like automatic Voltage regulation etc.. I happen to have access to a Devantech MD23 card which I’ve used to drive an ‘autonomous’ differential drive robot on an Arduino.   84 more words


ARTICLE: Timing of motor cortical stimulation during planar robotic training differentially impacts neuroplasticity in older adults - Full Text


- Altering the timing of stimulation during a reaching intervention changes the direction and extent of plasticity

- Non-invasive brain stimulation may be a catalyst to promote plasticity in older adults. 41 more words


A REVIEW: Electrifying the motor engram: effects of tDCS on motor learning and control

…In this review, we summarize the effects of tDCS on neural activity and suggest a few key principles: 1) firing rates are
increased by anodal polarization and decreased by cathodal polarization, 2) anodal polarization strengthens newly formed associations, and 3) polarization modulates the memory of new/preferred firing patterns. 22 more words


Breaking Down The Start Position: 5 Thoughts for Setting Up.

The start position is what sets you up for the rest of the position for the lift. Bad start, bad finish. As simple as that. … 490 more words


I Got Taped!

Rock Taped, that is!

Do you experience shoulder, hip, low back, or knee pain?

Do you need to improve your posture?

Rock Tape is the answer! 98 more words

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