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I am Not Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge: Here is Why

I wanted to take a moment to address the ice bucket challenge that is all the rage on the Internet. I may seem like a bit of a downer but I have my reasons for not doing it and I wanted to address them. 592 more words

It's Not Yet Dark!

This is a very topical book at the moment with the Ice Bucket Challenge doing the rounds worldwide. The challenge is in aid of ALS or MND (Motor Neurone Disease) and it has raised millions so far. 294 more words

The MND/ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Given that ALS/MND is rare and largely unknown (usually until peoples lives are touched by it), the popularity and continued success of this viral campaign is overwhelming! 648 more words


The Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon and the Naysayers

So, some guy in America started the latest craze which is currently sweeping the globe like wildfire…well like wild ‘ice’ anyway.

But what does it really all mean, this #alsicebucketchallenge? 687 more words


Oh dear... I finally got tagged in the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

My sister of all people (she isn’t even on Facebook!) sent me her video via ‘WhatsApp’ so I had no choice!

Here’s my video :-) 55 more words


Why I am not doing the ice-bucket challenge - the missionary position

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I got stopped in the street on Chapel walk in Sheffield by an earnest young man collecting to fund “missionary work” for an organisation whose name I cannot remember. 1,060 more words

Nick Takes MND Ice Bucket Challenge

Local Assembly Member Nick Ramsay has become the first national politician in Wales to take the ALS (Motor Neurone Disease) Ice Bucket Challenge.

The challenge to help raise funds for charity which is sweeping across the world involves the nominated person having a bucket of ice cold water poured over their head and making a donation to the Motor Neurone Disease Association before nominating others to take the challenge. 77 more words

Nick Ramsay AM