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#ALSIceBucketChallenge - Completed!

It was a balmy 0 degrees in Canberra this morning when I did my ice bucket challenge.  Holy Crap.

Thanks to Matt Thomas from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP BELCONNEN… 57 more words


#icebucketchallenge - money where yer mouth is...

Yup, I got nominated – as did my lovely other half, here’s our wee video!  Donations made (of course) to MND Scotland, who are currently at… 13 more words



HUMP DAY!! Yes it’s that half way point in the week where everyone who works Monday to Friday can breath a sigh of relief that the week is half done, that its all downhill from here on until the weekend and they are a tiny bit closer to the freedom of Friday afternoon! 1,176 more words


August is pretty chilly anyway...

Last night I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by a very good friend. Well, apologies to anyone who was eager to catch a flash of my pasty white middle (but really, why?!) in the course of having cold water splashed over it, but it’s not gonna happen. 501 more words


Dear ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Haters,

You’re wrong.

My dad died two years ago from complications related to ALS, and I’m here to tell you that the Ice Bucket challenge is not “stupid.” It is not “worthless” or “annoying” or “retarded.” You are just ignorant. 842 more words


Nikita Nila reblogged this on and commented:

The ALS Ice Bucket Challange has been around since last winter and only now has it's popularity grown. It's incredible to see how many people are responding to something that has the potential to change lives. The bottom line is: keep supporting, but don't lose sight of what this current social media craze is all about.

Why I won't be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

I haven’t yet been nominated for the ice bucket challenge and if I do, I will not be taking part. This is not to judge anyone else who has done it.  1,099 more words

My Ice Bucket Challenge

Today, I joined the army of celebrities and wonderful people all around the world that have united to bring an awareness to the devastating disease that is… 192 more words