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07/06/2014 - 365 days/30717 miles

Mr. Ramelau (Tatamailau, in Tetum, which translates to ‘grandfather of all’) is the highest peak (2986m) in both the country of East Timor, and the whole island of Timor. 189 more words

Motorcycle Travel

Road Trip Changes

I’ve been a solo rider for all my motorcycling life. While there might be occasional shared trips, or long passengers in the Ural, if you looked at my total miles 99% of them have been in my own. 711 more words


Lessons on Leeches

Current location: Whitewood, Saskatchewan

I miss Wendy already! We spent the evening looking at maps and planning for road trips that probably won’t ever happen. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I woke wrapped in a warm duvet (how fancy, I’m so lucky!) with Charlie lounging at my feet and Wendy preparing breakfast. 213 more words

06/30/2014 - 361 days/30701 miles

We got into East Timor with no issues, and made it into Dili on Sunday afternoon. The road was mostly dirt, but was actually pretty good…wide and fairly smooth

Motorcycle Travel

Sleeping on the Streets in Vancouver

Well, not really the street- more like the park beside the street.

Current location: Vancouver, BC
11:40 am

Tonight’s hostel is a luxurious upgrade from last night’s residency. 291 more words

Gear in Review Pt. I

Gear in Review Pt. I – Tank Bag, Grips, Charger

Considering that I had never been on a motorcycle ride longer than a few hundred miles, I had to purchase a lot of gear before leaving on our 3,000 mile adventure from Chicago to New Orleans.   473 more words

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