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Jaguar Reveal A Manual F-Type - Drivers Rejoice!

Jaguar have revealed a manual version at the LA motorshow, alongside a 4 wheel drive version

This is great news, that in the face of overwhelming odds to keep producing dual clutch automatic gearboxes, that Jaguar can produce a sports car with a stick. 161 more words


Fiat Need To Make This 127 Prototype

A chap called David Obendorfer has created this Fiat 127 prototype – and I think it looks fantastic.

What is even more interesting about the 127 is that Lapo Elkann, brother to Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s Chairman John Elkann, has given it his seal of approval. 97 more words


Volkswagen Release A Golf R Estate And Good Lord It's Perfect

It’s got 296bhp.

It’s got 380lb ft of torque.

It does 0-62 in 5.1 seconds.

But who cares about that? It’s a fast estate.

If you read though my previous blog posts, you may have noticed a common theme. 209 more words


Why Sometimes Smaller Supercars Are Better Supercars

Supercars. When I think of them, I think of big, intimidating machines that spit fuel and oil and coolant and rage. And that’s just the Lamborghinis. 201 more words


Cars You Want To Love But Just Can't

Hello! Good afternoon, good evening, good morning wherever you’re coming from.

Just sending a thankyou through to all of you reading this; you’re coming across from America, Japan, Malaysia and of course, the dear ol’ U.K. 333 more words


Cars You Want To Hate But Just Can't

First off, apologies for the lack of writing lately; I’ve been busy driving all sorts of cars with varying degrees of quality. But I’m back, so let’s get cracking again. 312 more words


A Tour Of The Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration Show

I’ve just got back from the Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration show at Bath and West showground and there were some really nice classic cars. 450 more words