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New heat sinks on the bridges

Njay: I’ve built the new heat sinks for one of the bridges. It’s got a lot more air surface than the previous ones. The downside is that they won’t fit in the old boxes any more. 854 more words


Zimoun Makes Use Of Motors To Produce Moving Cardboard Installations

Swiss artist Zimoun has employed motors to add jostling and spinning motions to 3 installations produced up of cardboard boxes (+ motion pictures).

Zimoun collaborated with architect Hannes Zweifel to install 81 boxes among two levels of a area at the Mannheimer Kunstverein gallery. 9 more words

Speed Walking (revisited)

This robot waits for mail 11, 12 and 13 to start. Then it walks/pushers itself along. The program starts by resetting the mail box and waits for mail 11, 12 and 13. 113 more words


Amazing choice of classics coming to auction

WITH a record 161 classic cars spanning 50 marques and 91 years, Historics at Brooklands opens its auction doors at Brooklands Museum on Saturday, August 30, to the largest, most varied and evocative offering in its history. 1,139 more words


Car. A van. Caravan.

Recently, I mentioned that most of the locals here that drive own some weird and wonderful vehicles. Marigold has now insisted that I set the record straight and describe them in more detail. 249 more words


Gate's Motors Wondsworth

Taking a gander at Maslow’s pyramid, we can see that, after physiological needs, the requirement for security is the most vital for any individual, much more critical than finish toward oneself, affection and even regard. 545 more words