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Holiday, friends and boredome

Weekend + public holiday on Mon & Tues = Long holiday.
Yes, its a long holiday and I spent the most of the time sleeping or on the internet. 102 more words

Daily Life

Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort

I once got a fortune cookie with this saying. Unfortunately, though I usually save the good ones and I kept this one in my wallet for years, I cant find it anywhere. 416 more words


Daily Motovation

One of my all time favorite quotes…



Being Autenthentic. My Goodness, how difficult that is

To lead an organization and people does not mean to command and force, but to motivate and inspirethe personnel to achive results. You could only do that through conversation, and it is anly real, when authentic. 1,085 more words

Achieve Results

Change and Motovation

Motivating myself is one of the hardest things I could possibly do. There are times when I feel I am just content with my life the way it is; I just can’t the will to do something. 430 more words

My Cardio Playlist

Hi everybody!

This post will be listing my top songs that I listen to while I am either running or preparing for a hardcore boxing lesson. 69 more words