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How to create virtual directory on remote machine when publishing website?

I have a project in Visual Studio 2010 that I want to publish to a server running IIS. I know how to publish a web site from Visual Studio, but the problem is when I publish my project to the server then I have to manually create the Virtual Directory to publish to. 24 more words

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Last night the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the three priority schools in their district.  They tweaked the original a bit, not allowing a superintendent  to make $160,000 a year, but rather the district salary for that position.  285 more words

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How to convert dropdown value to array jquery

this way i was trying to convert dropdown value to array by jquery but routine is not working.

<select name="DropDownList1" id="DropDownList1">
    <option value="00">00</option>
    <option value="05">05</option>
    <option value="10">10</option>
    <option value="15">15</option>

function cboValueToArray(targetid) {
            var $target = $("select");
            var results = [];
            $($target).each(function () {
                var val = $(this).val();
                if (val !== '') results.push(val);
            return results;
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How to calculate closest highest nearest number in range

suppose i have array of number like


now i want to develop a routine where i will pass the array and a input number. 180 more words

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How to access & populate dropdown when dropdown wildcard id is stored in varibale

in my case i have common routine which populate dropdown and when i am calling that routine then i am passing dropdown wild card id to that routine like this way… 181 more words

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Taiwan Delegation Signs MOU with Philippines Partners on Green Energy Industry Exchange in Manila

The Taiwan Green Energy Delegation to the Philippines, headed by Secretary General Linda L.H. Chen of the Bureau of Energy and Section Chief Yi-Chi Wang of the Industrial Development Bureau, visited Manila on November 10th to 14th . 365 more words


Regarding javascript date time issue need bit flexibility

see the below routine getTzDate() which return date and time in this way Fri Dec 12 2014 21:07:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

function getTzDate() {
                var format = 'YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm';
                return new Date(moment.tz(timezoneid).format(format));
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