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This week 2014, vol 11

The world seems different these days. Just in the past 36 hours, trees have become green. There is a sweet smell in the air that seems to have just woken up with me this morning. 1,352 more words


Live, on Twitter... SEAC Underground!

Friends, Southeasternists, Countrypeeps,

Per the previous post, we’ve now got our own Twitter “handle” (at least, I think we do… I’m barely sure what a “handle” is, but I think it means “account”). 516 more words

Three To View In The Backyard (2014)

1. Ants making mounds.

2. Birds singing.

3. Flower buds.


Taking in outside-

True and tried.


Hershey's "Chocolate Syrup Swirl Cake"

Seems I’ve been on a cake posting frenzy for a lately, but I only  have a few more cakes to post before I move on to other baked goods.  657 more words


A Mound-ful Summer in Central Ohio

There was a picture of the Serpent Mound in my fourth grade U.S. History textbook.  The image caught my attention and held it: a long, lithe body made of earth and stretching toward an Ohio sunset.  3,187 more words

Homemade Bounty Bar

I thought i’d have a stab at trying out my own version of a Bounty bar (Mounds bar for those who live over the pond) after trying someone’s homemade version a very long time ago and i fell in love with it. 466 more words


Protecting Eastern Woodlands Archaeology - You Can, Too!

Let me preface this by saying it weirds me out to ask folks for money. In large part, this is because I get weirded out when I get asked for money. 365 more words