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Cahokia Mounds in Illinois

We lived a few hours north of Cahokia Mounds and drove the other side of the Mississippi River right past it numerous times on trips to Saint Louis, Missouri. 317 more words

Indecision, or Sometimes I'm a River

Did you have those days when you can’t decide what you want? Salty or sweet? Comedy or drama? Work or nap? Years ago, the Peter Paul Cadbury candy company made use of people’s indecisiveness with a campaign telling consumers that they could have either Mounds (no nuts) and Almond Joy (with nuts)–or both! 688 more words


26th December 2014 – Patterns (Fujufilm X10)

A world seen in close up takes on another meaning,

26th December 2002 – Shopping (Benq DC1300)

Just you standard stroll to the local shops

24 Hours A Thousand Word Essay - Sept To Dec 2002

Ho Ho Ho

Salutations!  Happy Holidays! I am just posting because this sounds so much more fun than stuff I should be doing and from the bottom of my heart: Merry Christmas… 735 more words

Chinese Drama

Mole Holes

We have a number of rows of dirt mounds that look similar to these pictured here.  We have seen so many rows of dirt mounds through the years.   91 more words