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my friends just finished climbing mount kinabalu

My friend, mary ( who is a beautiful girl )  with her male friends climbed the marvelous mount kinabalu last month. It is also called gunung kinabalu in malay. 158 more words

Mount Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu

Percutian hujung tahun dan penutup kepada #wishlist2014 adalah di Kota Kinabalu selama 4 hari (11hb hingga 14/12). 235 more words


Malaysian Borneo - Mount Kinabalu Descent

I know descending a mountain doesn’t sound like something that deserves its own post, but on this occasion I decided it was worthwhile.

One of the guides in Tabin advised me to make sure we didn’t use all our energy up on the climb as the descent can be equally as hard. 745 more words


Malaysian Borneo - Mount Kinabalu climb part 2

Around 1:30am we could hear other people waking up in nearby dorms. It seemed silly to keep trying to sleep so we decided to get up and make our way down for the early morning breakfast. 641 more words


Malaysian Borneo - Mount Kinabalu climb part 1

We woke bright and early the next day to start our climb. We knew the climb would take us several hours and that the weather would deteriorate as the day progressed so wanted to get out as promptly as we could to get the best of it. 860 more words


"Move into the jungle, gonna meet a lotta leeches."

So, we left Pai and bid a very fond farewell to Thailand. We headed for the dizzy heights of Kuala Lumpur, our little one night stopover before heading to Kota Kinabalu. 3,839 more words

Malaysian Borneo - Kinabalu National Park

One of the things we had on our to-do list for Borneo was to climb Mount Kinabalu. We are not mountain climbers, but as you do not need to be in order to attempt this one we decided to give it a go – when else are we going to have the opportunity to climb a mountain this high? 656 more words