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Dissertation Week: Part 1

If the title isn’t already clear enough, this week’s blog posts will be dedicated to updating my readers on the progress of my dissertation. I am doing this for two reasons. 1,058 more words

Casper, the Friendly Hosts

Yellowstone marked the first major milestone on my journey east, towards St. Louis. A mixture of natural beauty and oddity, the park deserved a little time for exploration. 511 more words

Mount Rushmore or Bust: Part 1

Our trip started out early Wednesday morning (July 23nd). We were all running around to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything before we set off. Wednesday was pretty uneventful. 617 more words

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Someone Good at Math!

Comic-Con came and went this past week. While the convention has strayed from it’s origins to include anything pop culture, it still does generate a good amount of comic discussion. 209 more words

Rushmore Cave:: Keystone, South Dakota

On our road trip out west, we had the pleasure of being guests at Rushmore Cave in Keystone, South Dakota. Although we were guests, all thoughts are my own. 222 more words

Things To Do

See All the US Presidents

Mt Rushmore is a much celebrated American monument in memorial of four of our favorite US Presidents.  But what about all those other men who served as President and left their mark on our collective patriotism? 108 more words


The wonderful Badlands

The badlands are east of the Black Hills in South Dakota and are so named because early settlers and explorers recognized the unyielding terrain would easily end your life.   1,126 more words

Mount Rushmore