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Pat's Market and Unexpected Runners

On Sunday morning I went out for a 25-mile bike ride and ran into this little shop in the Belle Haven neighborhood of Alexandria, right across from a fancy, fru-fru-la-la-la country club.  997 more words

The Urban Anthropologist Files

Busy Weekend

Friday began with a splendid bike commute aboard Big Nellie. My back is feeling better but it is still not quite free of the two-month long stiffness. 882 more words

Yep, Out of Shape

I decided that since it was so lovely out today, and since I haven’t been getting enough exercise, to bike the long way home. Twelve miles instead of three. 377 more words


Little Nellie Has a Blast and Goes Bananas

(I skipped over Thursday’s exciting adventure. Here it is.)

After Wednesday’s evening of advocacy, I was pretty revved up. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. 357 more words

Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial

The National memorial to our 26th President is located on an island in the middle of the Potomac River. The Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial is maintained by the National Park Service, and is  part of the nearby George Washington Memorial Parkway.  764 more words


Two Robins, One Dump Truck, and The Mule

My pump, having magically cured itself, was working once more. The tires on The Mule were fully inflated and I was off with a nice tailwind to commiserate with the caffeine addicts at Friday Coffee Club. 581 more words

The Introverted Advocate Rides Again

(I’m a day behind in my blog. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for today’s exciting tale.)

It was a pretty typical Wednesday in March.   1,046 more words