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Now We're Getting Somewhere - Taking a Mulligan

I needed a grease injector to service my pedals. It’s a bit of a mess trying to do it with a baby medicine injector. Not enough oomph in the lilttle plastic plunger. 793 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

Wicked Nice

During my gap year between college and grad school, I lived in Boston and bought a bike. It was a blue Raleigh Grand Prix. It had ten speeds and side pull breaks. 191 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

Saddles and Rain and Turtles and a PSA

A short while ago I did a ride with my friend Florencia. I had a good time. Most of her had a good time. Her bottom did not. 871 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

A Sunday Ride with The Impermanent Resident

Did you know peripatetic is a noun? If you look it up, you’ll see a picture of my friend Florencia right next to it in the dictionary. 739 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

I Gotta Learn to Shoot First

No this blog is not about firearms or the second amendment. It’s about taking pictures. When it comes to taking interesting pictures I am utterly inept. 296 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

Tree Down, Man Down


Summer brings overnight storms. They sometimes knock trees down along the Mount Vernon Trail. I was riding down the serpentine path from the Old Stone Bridge when I came around a corner to see the cyclists in the white shirt holding his hands up telling me to stop because a tree had fallen across the trail. 159 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

NoVa Run: Mount Vernon Trail and Wilson Bridge Trail

This past weekend, Nathan and I had the chance to do our long runs in one of our favorite running spots, Northern Virginia. The Mount Vernon Trail… 697 more words