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Bring Me Light

We are in the trough. The next two weeks have the least amount of daylight, then, like a overweight cargo plane, we take off ever so gradually toward springtime. 414 more words

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Whether the Weather, or Not

I made up my mind after last night’s soaking that I was driving to work this morning. I didn’t bother to pack my panniers because the weatherman said their might be sleet or freezing rain today. 524 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

Celebrating imperfection

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

I sometimes live in two worlds.  The real one and the one in which I’m Martha Stewart.   376 more words


At Least the Day Was Warm

60 degrees. Ok. Tailwind. Ok. November 24. No way.


I took off from work with shorts on in late November. I felt like James Bond meeting Pussy Galore. 255 more words

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Sunrise with Bent

My back is quite a bit better, no doubt the result of muscle relaxants and vitamin I. For good measure I rode Big Nellie to work. 22 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

B-b-b-b-bike C-c-c-commuting, Ow!

It somehow seems unfair that global climate change would bring about vast changes in weather patterns that result in me having to bike commute in blustery 20 degree weather before Thanksgiving. 673 more words

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Tell Tale Signs

The tell tale sign of Christmas is the arrival of Christmas decorations. There’s a house down the street from me that lit up, albeit in purple, one of its trees in October. 435 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"