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Location: Amalfi Coast, Italy

We made port in Salerno, Italy early this morning. Salerno is at the southern end of the famous Amalfi Coast. And it’s only a 45 min drive north to get to the much larger city of Naples. 623 more words


Come Back To Sorrento!

We spent half a day at Pompeii before heading towards Sorrento which is about half an hour’s drive away. Travelling the coastal road along the Sorrentine Peninsula, we caught glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea as the undulating terrain revealed sheer cliffs, deep gorges, hidden bays, lovely stretches of sandy beaches and little towns sitting on the hilltops. 692 more words

Travel Photography

Climbing Mount Vesuvius

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but no picture or number of words can accurately describe the experience of climbing an active volcano. 485 more words


What It's Like On Top Of The World

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world?

I did this weekend.

I climbed Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano next to Naples and it was one of the most exhilarating and terrifying adventures of my life. 820 more words

Pompeii - 2014

The erupting Mount Vesuvius up against Kit Harington; or as it appears for you “Game of Thrones” fans, Fire vs Snow.

The emerging trend to recreate historical disasters in spectacular, Hollywood-ised, melodramatic fashion seems to have continued on into the new year with “Pompeii”, a disaster epic focusing on one of Italy’s greatest natural tragedies. 607 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

The beauty of a palm tree and other lush landscaping against the ruins of  Pompeii amazed me.

Mount Vesuvius, five miles from Pompeii, erupted in 79 A.D. 78 more words


10 Word Review - Pompeii

Weary. Effects. Bloody. Predictable. Eruption. Revenge. Devastation. Fire. Action. No.