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I have all the gear... but no idea

At the beginning of the year, I vowed that I was going to try new things to get into shape (as opposed to the then current one of round) and basically change my whole lifestyle. 834 more words

Fitness Journey

Riding On The Fast Lane

After a muddy, disappointing ride last Wednesday I was more than happy to be welcomed by dusty conditions when I returned to the Lunch Loops on Friday. 352 more words


Lesson Learned

Well, I thought I had left the rain behind when I boarded the plane in Zurich a month ago. After all, Grand Junction is situated in a desertlike valley and gets 300+ days of sunshine per year. 169 more words


Abject Failures. (with some win, too..)

So, the first challenge we set oursleves (the updating schedule) has been a little bit of a failure.

Of course, by “little bit of a failure” I mean absolute, abject, total, complete and utter opposite of success. 186 more words


Parental Prose

I think sports, namely mountain biking is what makes my non-traditional little family a tight knit trio. Maybe saying it IS what makes it is a tad too strong of a word? 728 more words


661 - Recon Stealth

It seems more and more mountain bike helmet manufacturers are focusing on added safety and integrating more protection for the back of the head into their open face designs.  506 more words

Mountain Biking

Wade's Excellent Adventure 2014

WEA was my first experience as a volunteer for the NSMBA, back in 2012.

I remember shaking Wade Simmons’ hand at the time, yet having no idea who he really was. 504 more words