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Top Ten North American Mountain Lion

Puma, cougar, mountain lion…whatever you call it, the biggest of the small cats is a challenging and crafty prey and is not easily taken. Numbers are strong and growing, especially in the Western states with reports of human and mountain lion contact on a regular basis. 319 more words

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Snowbirds: Older Heat Seeking Tribes

Like their feathered counterparts, Snowbirds migrate. The movement may be slower, one aspect of this creature’s physiology is advanced age, but nonetheless, each winter these beings flock toward the warmth of the desert. 1,438 more words


How I Roll, Sort of

I had to take a quick trip south earlier this week, only about 1000 miles south, but everything is that far away from here.

Of course I had to squeeze some running in as I was in a pretty cool rural area and it was only a balmy -5C.   502 more words


30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Horses and Mountain Lions

My 30th birthday adventure extravaganza continued with horses and mountain lions. After embarking on a strenuous hike the day before, my knees informed that although they were alright, perhaps I should take it easy.So, my husband and I opted to take the scenic route to… 214 more words

Liz Belilovskaya


Tefnut stalks redwoods

creates mist and dampened soil

as a mountain lion

     lioness in the Two Lands

     elsewhere She takes local forms


Mountain Lion Encounter

Nature/Wildlife photographer Daniel Bradford from Montana captured this rare and amazing footage of a mountain lion, he used a hand call which brought the big cat to him and the encounter resulted in these stunning images. 297 more words

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VIDEO: Urgent Mountain Lion Warnings Go Out on the Peninsula

HILLSBOROUGH (KRON) — Police and residents along the Peninsula are on alert after another sighting of a mountain lion in a populated area.

KRON 4’s Annie Anderson reports on the warnings authorities are giving to people who live in the area.