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West - East Walk of Scotland Part 4 - Ben Nevis and into the wilds of Corrour Youth Hostel scary hills and bothys.

This is the story of a winter walk from West to East of Scotland by 3 young member’s of the RAF Kinloss MR Team in November 1977. 1,264 more words


1977 - West to East Of Scotland a winter walk Kintail - Ben Nevis Part 3.

This is a story taken from my diary of a Walk during the short daylight hours of November 1977 by 3 of us from the RAF Kinloss MRT. 1,061 more words


The West to East Of Scotland - November 1977 Part 2 - Glenelg to Kintail.

This is part 2 of a Big Walk in November 1977 across Scotland from West to East. What a crazy time to do it in November with limited gear and carrying at times 4 days food and gear on our backs. 878 more words


Clocks going back - winter on its way are you ready? A few reminders?

Every year at this time people get caught out with the shortage of daylight and despite the warnings it happens every year. The clocks are going back this weekend this will make a difference to the days on the hill with winter just round the corner. 691 more words

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Its a Dogs Life - a bit more about Teallach - by popular request!

I cannot thank you all enough for the great comments on Teallach my Dog tales on the Blog, it became a bit of longer story than I thought but I still missed so many other stories.   1,591 more words


Dog Tales, from the back of a land rover, Helicopter, Hercules - The end.

I was getting old by now I was over 10 and as they say had some “paper round” my body was as one would expect beginning to show my age. 575 more words


Dog Tales from the back of a Land rover helicopter - Early Kinloss days - 3 days on the Ben and the Harris Shackelton Crash.

Now it was not till late October 1989 that we moved to RAF Kinloss in Morayshire and it was hard leaving the troops at Leuchars. Heavy was taking over as the Mountain Rescue Team Leader of the Kinloss Team, it was the job he wanted. 932 more words