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DCS: Mountain Rescue

One of the default missions bundled with the DCS: Huey module offers an interesting high altitude challenge.

If you’re looking to do the same or a similar flight here are some tips to help you get through in one piece. 366 more words

Digital Combat Simulation

A few more thoughts on a wander in the Lost Valley!

I was still down in Glencoe yesterday and awakened to a bit of fresh snow on the tops across the loch. It was grey and damp and a bitter wind but I never take this place for granted.. 292 more words


A visit to the Lost Valley in Glencoe.

I had a lovely drive down early this morning from Burghead to Glencoe, it was raining as I left but by the time I reached Loch Ness the sun was out and the weather looked bright. 1,388 more words


Look after your body when your young. You feel it as age catches up.

Yesterday was a day of feeling my age, I woke up with a very bad back and managed to get an appointment with Moray Osteopaths that morning  a bit of magic and at least I could walk again. 218 more words

Mountain Rescue

The Tarbuck knot! - The Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection.

When I joined the RAF Mountain Rescue Team at RAF Kinloss the knotS I was taught was the Tarbuck knot, the bowline, figure of eight, the Clove Hitch, Alpine butterfly and the prussick knot. 258 more words


Sad delivery of Ben Nevis this afternoon

Helicopter brings casualty of Ben Nevis, sad event, but a brave rescue for the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and the RAF Helicopter Crew

I learnt about climbing from that! No 2. Wear a helmet.

I Learnt about climbing from that! No 2

This was an email received  after my last piece  many thanks  - Good article and an excellent idea to make us all think and learn from our own and others mistakes. 401 more words

Mountain Rescue