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A sharp, biting 'Sweeney Todd' at TheatreWorks

The feeling of foreboding, palpable. The London air, thick with fog. And while the air raid siren brings forth the ominous sound of danger to the masses, planting another round of strategic bombs on the UK during World War II, a baker in a small pie shop discovers a recipe that is both disgustingly haunting and painfully delicious. 771 more words

That's My Kinda Night Tour 2014

The weekend that I had been waiting months for has come & gone. Luke Bryan’s: That’s My Kinda Night Tour 2014 has hit Northern California. My best friend Michelle and I are friends with Luke Bryan’s crew and made plans to see all 3 shows in Northern California, October 16-18. 788 more words


Taste and Trust


Rating: A

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Oh, halwa puri! How should I think of it?

As a jubilant cry? An affirmation of revelry, where you just say the words, and the sheer weight of them inspires a celebration? 832 more words

Rants And Raves

On Cloud Nine


Rating: AA

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Nestled among giant cupcakes, tri-colored bikes, and towering redwoods at the otherworldly Googleplex floats Baadal (Hindi/Urdu for cloud) cafe.  621 more words

Rants And Raves


Small Indian food place in mountain view! Super good!

Today I visited the Googleplex

You’re not a real Silicon Valley town unless some startup has laid claim to you and used metonymy to make your name synonymous with its brand. 439 more words

Little Moments