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Daily Draw 08-01-2014

Daily Draw 08-01-2014

Lenormand: 21 Mountain

Blockage, hindrance, obstacle, burden, enemy, resistance. Day might not go as smooth and without bumps as I’d care for. I believe it, too. 1,150 more words


The Impossible?

T Minus 21

Very short post today.
Still here in MK – I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get everything done. When you have a big thing to do there’s a reason it’s called a mountain. 10 more words

Getting Out

Some Kinda Spaceship

Just a little doodle. I love how I can draw on the WiiU even if someone else is using the TV / projector to watch a film.


Adjusting to life in the "Boulder Bubble"

It has certainly been quite the experience since starting a new chapter of my life in Boulder, Colorado. New job, new friends, and new experiences. I thought it was kind of ironic that even though I’m now living in one of the cycling capitals of the United States, I’m actually riding my bike less than I ever have. 143 more words


Rocks In My Head

I have a thing for rocks. In fact it might be called an obsession. I can look at them for hours. I am fascinated by their shape, color, texture, and uniqueness. 135 more words