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The Day it Never Rained

A dust storm during the Monsoon season here in the desert Southwest can suck the breath right out of a person. But for the one willing to endure the superheated wind, the mix of light and dust forges a partnership of beauty and mystery that thrills the visual senses. 12 more words


Haiku #35

in the mountains
of the clouds is where
we shall meet today

Steep Reward

I wandered out to McHugh Creek off the Seward Highway a few days ago to take some photos.  I knew it was going to be cloudy and possibly rain, but I went anyway.   176 more words


Eventide Dream

Frozen in time between twilight and night, the landscape has taken on a transfixed, ethereal beauty. Despite the bleakness of the looming mountains and the decrepit pier shadowed by the withered branches of the trees, all of these aspects have merged together to form an evening spectacle rarely ever witnessed.

Photographer: Ian Egner