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Afternoon with a mourning

I think this is a Mourning cloak (Nymphalis antiopa), and it’s the first kind of butterfly we saw this year.

The bright lilac edge spots add a bit of cheer to its overall sombre brown coloring, although sadly this one’s wings have seen better days.


Late Spring

We are having a late spring here in Iowa. ¬†About half a dozen people reported seeing first butterflies–mostly mourning cloaks–on March 30, which is the latest date for first reports of butterflies in the last several years. 117 more words


Mourning cloak

This mourning cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiope) is one of a pair that taking part in an elaborate mating flight in the Thielke Arboretum this morning. Mourning cloaks, also called harbingers of spring, are large and beautiful butterflies. 184 more words


Mourning Cloak, Camberwell Beauty, Rouwmantel , Trauermantel, or Nymphalis antiopa

Rouwmantel, Nymphalis antiopa – Camberwell Beauty – Mourning Cloak – Rouwmantel – Trauermantel of koningsmantel (Nymphalis antiopa) by Paula Kuitenbrouwer, coloured pencils. This butterfly has a life-span of 11 to 12 months, one of the most extensive life-spans for any butterfly. 19 more words
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