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Good Mourning, Dove

As I walked through my neighborhood yesterday, I was struck by the large number of Mourning Doves. In most cases, I heard the distinctive whistling sound that their wings make when the doves take off and didn’t actually get a good look at the birds. 53 more words


A Balmy Breeze

We had a couple of days that mornings started cold and rapidly turned to full sunshine and temperature rose to 57ºF. It felt like summer! 142 more words


Dove on a Rope

Dove on a Rope © Lynn Wiles 2015
A tamer bird shot. Mourning dove on agility course ropes.


Mourning Dove #9

A Mourning Dove that was hanging out in my garden.


Avian's Survival Procedure

On the day I shot the pictures I’m posting today, our weather temperature  was very low and the breeze made it feel even colder!.

Most birds under windy or cold conditions trigger a natural survival mode which is a change on their feather layers covering their bodies. 193 more words

Photos Of Birds

Wait and Adapt

This winter, the one we are currently having, has been the most hostile since I moved to Georgia nine and a half years ago. During that time, the previous winters were mild and happy ones, which never got to such low temperatures, at least that often or had such harsh winds nor gloomy and dark days as we are having lately!. 251 more words