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My Testimony

My Testimony

     When I was a child my life was pretty simple. I went to a private school and attended a small Lutheran church with my mom and dad. 1,830 more words


Cut off the arm to save the body

Hello my sweethearts, my watermelon popsicles..- <3
How has it been? I have been terribly absent, haven’t I? I would apologise but I have an explanation. 267 more words

All O

Mourning in the Morning

Morning light drifted lazily through the transluscent dome, to illuminate in golden light the many hung silks that decorated the bedroom of the Princess-Regent.  She furrowed her manicured brows as the light fell through her layers of protection and onto her.   934 more words

Semihistorical Fiction

Day 24: one man's trash...

Confession time. I am no domestic diva as of late. I always felt I was fighting against the tide of things coming into the house my husband was enamored with at the moment. 456 more words


The Boys of Summer

My son, Alex had an amazing group of friends. They always seemed to be laughing. There were inside jokes and so much camaraderie between them.  They are an amazing group of teenagers. 403 more words


snow comes with the mourning

If I ever find myself sitting in the front pew of a church, surrounded by loved ones gathered for the funeral of my husband or child, I… 133 more words


Will People Please Stop Dying Already?

A few months ago I lost one of my closest friends. She was the kind of person who always completely got it, whom I could (and frequently did) sit and talk with for hours and not get bored. 925 more words

The Life Of Lisbeth