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Pray for South Korea

Peer pressure is unfair. Peer pressure wants me to make profile pictures completely black to mourn the losses in South Korea. Living in America peer pressure says there’s no need to go so far for something seemingly distant. 104 more words

Happy Easter

I can’t wait to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on the other side!


Meeting report: Stewart Lever on Finding a New Dream.

On 17 April, Stewart took us along with him through the journey he made after his wife Anne’s death in 2001, after 32 years together. Performing his own music he kept us captivated, and alternating between tears and laughter. 142 more words


(a shadorma)

Like midnight
my world closes in.
Dreams have died,
no longer
keeping my nights occupied.
My world fades to black.

P. Wanken… 12 more words


The Nail Hole

one nail still remains
in the rough hewn piece of wood

the others were pulled out gently, carefully
at the end of a tragic day… 57 more words



I’ve been working on this off and on (mostly off) for about a year… lol this is revision 9000ish and I still feel like it needs more polishing. 332 more words

I'm not okay today

Her having a new girlfriend hurts. I am glad I got out of the relationship and I would never think of ever going back, but the thought of there being someone new is a bitter pill to swallow. 174 more words