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Something Completely Different Fridays!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I have heard it said that cats bring us “gifts” not because they love us, but because they think we are just a bunch of big hair-less monkeys who are helpless at grooming AND hunting!  1,074 more words

Got Mice in your RV? Here's how to get rid of them for good!

I guess, eventually, every camper owner is going to get Mice in their camper.

Once these little pests are inside you need to first figure out how they got in, and second how to get rid of them before they multiply.. 37 more words






Hate them.

They’re the most disgusting, vile creatures I have ever encountered. They attempt cuteness with their beady eyes and floppy ears, fooling the human population into thinking they are lovable. 1,342 more words


The giant rat(s) of Sumatra.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes may recall that the tale of the “Giant Rat of Sumatra” was one of those stories for which, according to his biographer, Dr. 865 more words