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Day 289: What Shines is Mine

When you have feathers and you live amongst the featherless beings, you can hardly help but become a trailblazer of sorts for your kind.

No matter how many years you spend studying the featherless way of life, you will likely continue to have more questions than answers. 163 more words

Shannon Cutts

BPA leads to behavioral changes for 4 generations ( with increased anxiety, aggression and cognitive impairments )

15 JUN 2012

Chevy Chase, MD—Exposure to low doses of Bisphenol A (BPA) during gestation had immediate and long-lasting, trans-generational effects on the brain and social behaviors in mice, according to a recent study accepted for publication in the journal Endocrinology, a publication of The Endocrine Society. 432 more words

Doctor Of Philosophy

Swimming in a gigantic bowl of creamy milk, what a dream!

I wish I’d had this dream, but this is Colin’s, the cute and fun cat in Leigh Hodgkinson‘s book Colin and the wrong Shadow… 459 more words

Book Review


The street cockerel that wakes my neighbours and I for work on a morning may have outlived it’s use. No, Ferdi the Duck, Babe the Pig’s best mate hasn’t moved in three doors up, but the next worst thing… Bagwell has decided it’s her new goal in life to be a rooster and wake every fucker in my road up at daft o’clock in the morning. 196 more words


Solbit Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

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Dear Nicalai,

You know something?  Travel is wonderful!  Oh, I get pooped and grumpy traveling, though not as bad as Papa sometimes.  908 more words

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