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Jillian Michaels: open and honest

It was quite refreshing, my chat with Jillian Michaels…she was frank and honest, and I admire that.

She was bullied and was overweigh and because f that, made it her mission is to help people become “unstuck. 37 more words

Move It And Lose It

Powerful statement about food and mood

Love this from The Farmacy on Facebook.

Powerful, but true, no?



Move It And Lose It

Health at Every Size; a spring video

I’ve written about HAES (Health at Every Size) many times, but just happened on this cool little video.

When we adopt healthy habits, good things happen. 71 more words

Move It And Lose It

Hey plus size gals...wanna try yoga?

I know I’ve written about Tiina several times, but hey, she is spreading a wonderful message and I support that.

In her latest endeavour, she has teamed up with Addition Elle and will be leading a Yoga for Round Bodies class next Sunday. 32 more words

Move It And Lose It

Make farmers your friends, stop with the processed foods!

I had  a lovely interview with Tosca Reno..you can read the story here , she has a new book out, which is great.

During our chat, she told me we should stop putting our faith in food manufacturers and instead support our farmers. 65 more words

Move It And Lose It

Keeping up the health blog for lots more reasons than weightloss!

You know how it goes…you have the best of intentions and life gets in the way and throws them right out the window.

Yeah well, that was me in a nutshell. 535 more words