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Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday, around 1855.

A giant of science, particularly in the the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry, he had a very basic education, attending a day school where he learned to read, write and count, but he was able to read a lot of books that would not normally be available to him while he was an apprentice bookbinder. 57 more words


House Music Series Toronto LOCAL - Summer 2014 - Installment 2 - Bunda Lounge: The Meeting Place to Dance

Bunda Lounge has hosted some fabulous DJs in the last FOUR years! Bunda just celebrated its fourth year this year!  I always wondered where the club name came from. 785 more words


Henry Ford

Henry Ford with a demonstration Model T in Buffalo, New York, in 1921.
By this time the customer could have “have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”, though the car was available in several colours except black until the advent of the assembly line, because black paint dried more quickly than other colours.

Original B&W photo.


John William Draper

Scientist, philosopher, physician, chemist, historian and photographer John William Draper, around 1875.

Around 1839 and 1840,he produced what are thought to have been the first photos of a human face, that of his female assistant, but these haven’t survived. 39 more words


Julius Caesar

The camera obscura was known about in Roman times, but photography was a long way off. The most lifelike depictions of people then were statues. This bust of Julius Caesar was probably made a decade or two after his assassination in 44BCE, and was most likely painted, including the eyes. 69 more words


House Music Series Toronto LOCAL – Summer 2014 – Installment 1 – LetThereBeHouse.ca

This year’s House Music segment at www.shine2u.wordpress.com is gonna be off the charts! I’m looking forward to it! Just so you know….blog readers and viewers have visited shine2u from all over the world! 756 more words


Robert Raikes

If you enjoyed/hated going to Sunday School, Robert Raikes is the person to credit/blame.
He started his first Sunday School in 1780 and, by 1831, Sunday Schools were teaching 1,250,000 children a week. 51 more words