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Phantom Of The Opera Sequel: Love Never Dies Movie Adaptation

This post comes out very out-of-the-blue for me. You see, this month is like “The Fault in Our Stars” month(with many people watching and re-watching the movie, reading the book, recommending their friends and family to watch the phenomenon which is the “sick love story” of Hazel Grace and Augustus). 1,062 more words


Vampire Academy Movie Adaptation

Vampire Academy Movie Poster

Vampire Academy Movie is pretty bad ass. Its a vampire movie to say it basically (and literally) and yes I would hear some “Another Twilight” talks and I would have agreed. 424 more words


Random News: Marvel is Marvelous

Hello Lovely Readers,

Very exciting comic news has happened over the past week thanks to Marvel. The most exciting, for me at least, is the release of the first official pictures from the next… 419 more words

Random News

Will Ferrell And Adam McKay Will Produce A Film Adaptation Of 'Manimal'

Great news for people who haven’t been able to let go of 1983, the TV series Manimal might actually be coming to the big screen. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have signed on to produce the Sony Pictures film that will be written by… 261 more words

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Random News: Upcoming Trailers, Movies, and TV Shows

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Just a quick one today from me. First is that apparently there will be a trailer for 50 Shades of Grey premiering this Thursday. 230 more words

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Why not to watch SDTG?

Why not to watch SDTG?

By: VillainGoddess

It started from e-book then to books and now into big screen. Some are happy, some are excited, some are annoyed, some are upset and some are just nothing. 493 more words

Review of Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Published: April 1, 1998

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Adaptations: Message in a Bottle (1999)

Genres: Fiction, Romance novel

Available on: Amazon

SUMMARY… 334 more words