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Peanuts Movie!

Peanuts is my favorite cartoon of ALL time, so I’m ecstatic that a movie is coming out.
Not much is known about it, but there is a teaser trailer. 16 more words


Divergent, The Movie: A Rant

I famously hate all of the movie adaptations of books I love, so don’t let this put you off seeing it…

I’ll keep it brief: 76 more words

Books Rachel is Reading (and why you should read them, too)

I’ve been telling people about the books that I have been reading lately and had the same things to say about the same books so I felt that I should just write them all down on here because WHY NOT? 732 more words


Lit-to-Flick: Divergent (2014) Movie Review

I’m shocked. Honestly, I’m so shocked. This is a YA adaptation I actually liked! What I’m more shocked about, however, is the terrible reviews this movie is getting. 617 more words

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Divergent Movie Review

Going into the theatre, I had pretty high expectations to be honest. With all the hype and glowing reviews/reactions from fans and mainstream audiences alike, it’s hard not to get excited. 550 more words


Books Murdered by Movies: Why Movie Adaptations Are Not Better Than the Books

Recently there have been a number of books that were turned into movies, and as a book lover I would be jumping for joy, but not this time. 463 more words


Here's why a possible Eleanor & Park movie is a very, very big deal

I love, love, love Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. It’s easily my favorite recent-ish YA book—and I’ve read more than a few.

So I was understandably excited when I saw Rainbow Rowell tweet the good news that the movie rights to  400 more words