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Growth and Development according to Frozen

Everyone seems to know what Frozen is about. Elsa the ice queen and her adventurous sister Anna alongside the adorable snowman Olaf, the crazy ice fan Kristoff and his noble… 417 more words


Flecks of Gold

Movies have great power. As we watch a movie, there is an almost physical effect it has on us. We leave a darkened movie theater as changed people, with either glory in our heart, paranoia in the skull or excitement in the blood. 102 more words

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The Visitor (2007)

     The Visitor is yet another example of a gem of an independent film that has been living in the shadows for far too long.  Thankfully, due to classes such as this one, I am able to discover pieces of art that I come to love.   361 more words

Are blockbusters getting longer?

Their are some movies that everyone has to go see. Those movies are the ones that make billions of dollars and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make. 100 more words

Film Length

Could 'Interstellar' by Christopher Nolan Be the New '2001'?

Regular readers of this blog will have no doubt seen one of my latest entries in which I listed the films that are yet to be released this year that I am most excited about. 1,998 more words


    Frida Kahlo was a force of a woman.  Although I am familiar with her name and some of her more famous self portraits, I am by no means an expert in Frida and the works she has produced throughout her lifetime.   320 more words