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Underrated and Under-appreciated: Last Action Hero

Here’s a surprise! I’m writing another Underrated Under-Appreciated about a movie that spoofs other movies. That’s 3 of the 5 I’ve written. If you couldn’t tell, I really like self-referential humor. 1,493 more words


Begin Again: a perfect film for music lovers and romantics

If I could say just one word about the movie Begin Again, it would be, “Fabulous.”

However, I do have a few more things to say about this wonderfully fresh, alive, very “real” romance drama. 365 more words


Essay: Surrealism - the Sweet Life of the Mind and Sky

With Federico Fellini’s abandonment of his neo-realistic roots in favour of a newfound surrealist movement, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s absurdist LSD-fuelled anti-consumerist pieces, and Terry Gilliam’s anti-bureaucratic take on an Orwellian dystopia, surrealism is less an exercise in the strange, and more a critical dissection of specific authority: industry, society, and government in various historical contexts. 1,817 more words



Ping Pong is an adaptation of a Taiyo Matsumoto manga that ran in Big Comic Spirits during the mid 90’s. Essentially, it’s the story about Peco and Smile, two close friends with different attitudes toward life who are both very good at ping pong. 1,319 more words


Note on - A Traveller of Different Kind

A Traveller of different Kind

While this short film is of a Spoken Word genre, there’s visual poetry in addition to the one spoken.

The entire film is color graded with blue and red, with both color covering half the screen. 492 more words

Spoken Word

Tren Remake Film ala Hollywood

Di awal tahun 2014 ini, dunia film Hollywood menyuguhkan remake film Robocop. Film Robocop yang di-remake merupakan versi dari tahun 1987 dengan tokoh utama yang masih sama, Alex Murphy.  402 more words

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