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Great Villain Blogathon Reminder!

Attention bloggers and movie fans: this is your reminder that the revelry in villainy known as the Great Villain Blogathon (links to original announcement & banners & updated info) will begin in little more than a week (April 20th through the 26th).


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I will be participating in The Great Villain Blogathon next week! My subject is Waldo Lydecker from the classic film noir Laura. Please take a moment to check out this AMAZING line-up of bad guys and gals!

Weekend Peak - My Fair Lady

So over the weekend I got bitten by the classical bug for some reason and decided that I wanted to watch some oldies but goodies. I absolutely love My Fair Lady, I don’t know what it is about this movie but it sincerely warms my heart, it’s a quirky love story with an amazing cast. 102 more words

Popcorn Talk

Play It Again, Sam

I’ve noticed that there seem to be a lot of movie remakes the last few years. It started to bother me a little. Can’t we think up new ideas for movies? 346 more words

Mark Harris: "Oscar voters in general want to feel like they’re in the position of adjudicating an accusation of child molestation"

Mark Harris, Grantland film writer and author of the essential Pictures at a Revolution, gets interiewed by The New Republicon “left-wing attacks on Hollywood films.” He speaks at length about criticizing what’s in a movie “instead of what you wish were there or what you ideologically feel should have been there”: 469 more words

North By Northwest

North By Northwest is a 1959 classic film that was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was written by Ernest Lehman. The main characters in the film are; Cary Grant as (Roger Thornhill), Aka, George Kaplan. 683 more words

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