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Mockingjay? Or Mocking-Just Better Than The Book?

Long time no see, eh?

I have returned with a new angle, a tenfold opinionated, twenty-fold detailed depiction of the newest instalment of The Hunger Games. 415 more words

Blunt Reviews Presents: X-Men Days of Future Past

A prime example of a shambles I should dislike but I can’t. The cast is really what holds this film together, the story certainly can’t. It’s clunky and there’s inevitably plot holes but it maintains a coherent structure to an extent. 63 more words


Out of this World // Movie Review of INTERSTELLAR

This has been the fall and winter of movies and I have yet to be disappointed. Starting off with David Fincher’s Gone Girl (which I wrote a review about… 999 more words

Blunt Reviews Presents: Cloud Atlas

A film consisting of lots of characters, and yet ironically no character. It’s a hollow motion picture with a clichéd multicolour splattering of future technology and a dull glimpse in to the past. 55 more words


Blunt Reviews Presents "The Great Gatsby (2013)"

It’s like you’re listening to a book tape of the novel that it being read by Mr T, so every word is being rammed down your throat and pushed through your eye sockets. 59 more words


Dear White People, Part 2

After a bit of a hiatus, I want to wrap up my thoughts on the film Dear White People.

At the close of the last post I shared my disbelief that a Lionel character–a kid who identified with the culture of his suburban upbringing rather than the flat tropes of stereotypical blackness–could actually be isolated from other black people with a similar experience, especially in an Ivy League environment where other students likely have similar experiences. 191 more words

NaBloPoMo 2014

Introducing: "Blunt Reviews" the latest section of "Adam Lester."

As regular readers will no doubt know, when I talk about films I tend to ramble. I can hold my hands up and say that when I get passionate about a film I can talk about it for a long time, regardless of whether my writing is still interesting or not. 371 more words