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This is where it all begins. I’m sitting in an uncomfortable metal desk chair, listening to the rapid styles of Hanz Zimmer with a glass of iced tea at my side, not knowing whether or not this is a complete waste of time. 149 more words



At the beginning of this movie I thought that the music would take a very spaghetti western path musically. It started off with the main character’s theme song of trails and hard earned glory. 342 more words

Princess Lessons

The other day Victoria and I were on the phone, and one thing that seemed to keep coming up was The Princess Diaries movies. After that, we decided to do a post entitled (you guessed it) “Princess Lessons”. 696 more words

Classyfieds Know How

Hello test

whatever the world finds in me.

Movie Critique

You Outlandish Lady

I named this post “You Outlandish Lady” because honestly, the TV character I’m reviewing today might be thought of as a little “outlandish” or “ridiculous” by today’s standards. 514 more words

Movie Critique

The Classy Test

Sooooooo…….we created a test.  A classy test. We hope you’ll enjoy it! Don’t worry if you don’t rank high! That’s why Classyfides is all about: to make us all a little classier! 7 more words

Movie Critique