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Movie Review: The Investigator

Director: Curtis Graham
Writer: Richard A. Romano
Cast:Wade Williams, David M. Sanborn, Kevin White, Logan Alderman, Evan Brady, Dayton Sinkia, Carlos Garriga, Jonathan Cho. 511 more words

Thinking Christianly

Into the Woods Review

Before you start reading this there are a few spoilers in here (not ones that will ruin the whole film though).

This weekend I have has a movie weekend, yesterday I watched The Imitation Game (brilliant film, I wrote a review on it yesterday) and today I went to see Into the Woods. 439 more words

Movie Review: Heaven is for Real

Director: Randall Wallace
Writer: Randall Wallace, Chris Parker, and others
Actors: Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Connor Corum, Lane Stylesw, Margo Martindale, Thomas Haden Church. 544 more words


Movie Review: Hogfather

It’s Christmas time and for some of you there are certain movies that you may watch as a family. Some of you have the intestinal fortitude to be able to watch  Ralphie and his quest for the elusive Red Ryder BB gun. 505 more words

Movie Critique

Blunt Reviews Presents: 21 Jump Street

I like the film, I think it is half funny, but it is largely overrated. I’ve grown to dislike it more because of how much people talk about it and quote it. 67 more words


Blunt Reviews Presents: Maleficent

Take the story of Sleeping Beauty, turn it inside out then kick it through the film Avatar. That’s Maleficent. A dull, unimaginative film that lacks substance, answers questions no one ever asked and presents a lead character that needs to make their mind up. 57 more words


What Exactly is Wrong with "Love Actually"?

Christmas is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to talk about what is arguably one of the most popular christmas films of the modern age. 

December is now racing by, my advent calendar is moving in to that stage now when it looks like it’s had a break in, so I thought it the best time to talk about Christmas films. 1,648 more words