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After Movie Starbucks

Lea: The Maze Runner was amazing!!!

Adz: Calm down woman we’re taking a picture of our coffee and waffles! Focus!

Lea: It was amazing!!!

The movie was great! 24 more words


What to wear?

Hi guys, so we aren’t posting as much as we used to and we are deeply sorry about that but school takes up a whole lot of time and at the end of the day you just want to cuddle up with your bed and fall fast asleep. 432 more words


How to pick the perfect movie on the first "movie date"

Let’s be honest..the guy always asks the girl what kind of movie she wants to watch and the girl always responds with “I don’t care, what do you want to watch?” I’m sorry but every girl knows exactly what she wants to see or eat in the back of her mind but she wants the guy to say it so she doesn’t feel like she’s making the guy do whatever she wants. 155 more words


Days Like Today

I love days like today. So incredibly relaxing. It’s a nice 70 degrees outside (a stark contrast from the 90 it was two days ago, with 52 percent humidity), and quiet. 392 more words

A Date Finally

It might sound that I didn’t got any answers from Bree, but I think I don’t really have a question. I’ve given Gavin a very easy riddle, and it’s either he didn’t get it, or he don’t want what I’m offering him, and I’m not going to want anyone whose reasons would be either one of these. 861 more words

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