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Date with a Queen

Finally, after weeks of being busy with work and climbing, I was able to squeeze in a date with my mother goose. We had dinner then watched Divergent (because my mom is a big Golden Boy fan). 192 more words

March 26, 2004 - LOTR - Extended version

I worked earlier in the week so I could take today off and spend some time with The Penpal at Hello House. We watched the Extended Version of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. 88 more words

The Penpal

Movies for a First Date

Movies for a first date. Even as a second or third, Horrible(not to mention cliche) idea. It’s different if you are sitting on your couch and watching that movie. 627 more words

Second Date Update: Online Dating

Cassady met Brandon online…they were chatting a while before they went on a date! At the end of the night she invited him up to her place for “a movie” and all she got was a kiss on the cheek. 54 more words


Okay, so here it goes. I officially feel like a bad person.

I got these movie tickets for my birthday, so I took Kathleen and Bubba out to a movie and dinner. 151 more words


My Happy Weekend


I got a sweet and short Saturday spend with boyf! Went over to his place in the morning, surprised him by his bed, he was still sleeping and so the moment he opened his eyes he was shock to saw me appeared in his room right beside him. 242 more words

A Quite Interesting Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day isn’t one of the most anticipated days of the year for me, heck I’m single that’s why haha! But I try my best not to be affected because it’s so uncool if I do. 487 more words