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Even the buffiest of old movie buffs are likely to think of Al Jolson’s THE JAZZ SINGER (1927) as the first sound film, notwithstanding the fact that it is mostly silent (part-talkie with bits of spoken dialogue in addition to musical segments). 211 more words


Gone Crazy

Director Tony Cunningham Cast Emmanuel Shangase Producer Mitch Dyter Roy Dlamini Writer Lorraine Philbrick Pepsi Mabizela DOP 94 more words
Waterfront Film Studios

Pre-Code Adventures in Hollywood

Dear Reader, we have a confession: we are very old-fashioned. You know, the type who believes dessert is incomplete without whipped cream – and the more the better. 609 more words


What People Say About Us on Twitter

Celebrate your freedom with us Mzansi! What are your plans for the weekend? Who is tuning in to the #MayibuyeFilmFestival

— SABC1 (@Official_SABC1) April 10, 2014…

184 more words

#WarriorWednesday: The Famous Who Served Proudly

A partial biography of those that were eventually famous who heeded the call of duty and “mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” While this is in no way attempting to be a complete listing, it will give the reader an appreciation of what DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY really mean, and our appreciation for their proud service. 1,162 more words

Dick: The Forrest Gump of Stoner Movies

It is the fate of the cult movie to be ahead of its time. One thinks of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, which opened to middling reviews and pitiful box office receipts… 2,113 more words


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Dick (1999) is perhaps one of the strangest additions in the canon of stoner movies. Alex Sayf Cummings and Ryan Reft at Tropics of Meta explain why Dick has morphed into a cult classic after being originally ignored by moviegoers. While Dick can be categorized as a stoner movie, the movie also hits on "failed military intervention, untrustworthy government institutions, and economic and social malaise." Check out the article how simple stoner movie transcended its origins.